Empathetic and Timeless

As one of the world’s most renowned theories about cosmology, The Omega Point Theory outlines the futurology of a utopia at the end of time. Treat every person you meet as if you will see them again, and let not your foolish side provoke discontentment.

Multiple Worldine Theory, Quantum Entanglement, and The Omega Point Theory all converge to the understanding that what we do in this life will follow us as our consciousness transcends the need for a fleshy temple. Whether our consciousnesses are uploaded into hyper-intelligent robots, or the natural decay of The Quantum Wave Equation leads to magnificent miracles which reanimate lost ones from their ashes as the laws of Entropy are reversed, we are all in for a treat for the party has yet to come.

Erika’s books reflect the metaphysics, cosmology, and maturity of such pontifications, prognostications, and acceptance in an imperfect world that is converging on perfection. Time will reveal a utopia through both paths of grace, and opportunities for grace. The “Knuts in the Woodwork” superhero book series is no different from this reality.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”