Cheers! I am Erika,
A superhero book series author, and eCommerce entrepreneur.

My Motto

Life is a cute story. Be ready for the laughs.

The zany and graceful meet when life throws you limes and you make key lime pie. Throughout the course of my tenure on this planet, I have been granted both trials and opportunities for an outstanding story to tell. My books reflect the inner-world of a protagonist in the metaphysical soup we experience in concepts like The Omega Point Theory, and Multiple-worldline physics, only to bring out the empathetic side of readers when they witness what might have been in another worldline.

Happy people do what unhappy people are just unwilling to do, change.

– Angela Lansbury


As a lifelong graduate student, Navy veteran, and travelling partner, Erika has had experiences that ranged from famished to gregarious, and writes with the perspective of someone who wants you to believe that the best assets are you, and your uniqueness.


Travelling the country in a motorhome, monthly rented homes, and rideshares, nostalgically referred to as Transient and Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS) for all you Doctor Who fans out there, Erika’s life imitates art, and her art imitates life.


The “Knuts in the Woodwork” series came into existence after recognizing that the perceptions of alternate universes stemming from quantum entangled worldlines makes great reading material for those who wonder what could have been, and what might become.


Trans Apparel is a clothing line of pre-selected fashion for the aspiring trans female. Erika is going through gender conformity hormone therapy, and wanted to make her wardrobe, and the wardrobe of her book characters accessible to other non-binary time travelers.